Ignite Pizzeria

Located at 10th and Main St in Vancouver BC, Ignite Pizzeria sits on a popular bicycle route and is steps away from a busy transit artery. Converted from a coffee shop, the pizzeria serves a growing demand for food retail in the area and caters to both commuters and neighbourhood residents.

The licensed restaurant allows for 50 people seated inside and 10 on the patio, offering a choice of eat-in, by the slice, take-out and delivery. The Ignite Pizzeria brand signifies premium artisanal pizza plus convenience, with the Main and 10th Street location serving as a flagship for future satellite locations.

Rafael Santa Ana
Architecture Workshop Inc

602 W Hastings Street 
Unit 503
Vancouver BC
V6B 1P2
Telephone: (604) 628-7881
General inquiries: info@rsaaw.com

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