Wilson Crescent Mews

Location Squamish BC
Size 18,000 sq ft

Wilson Crescent Mews is a multi-family residential project comprised of 16 units split into 3 levels. It adapts the traditional townhouse typology to conform to zoning restrictions and provision for the outdoor lifestyle of the residents.

Using a modular system, the project analyzes compact living within the boundaries of a tight land assembly otherwise assumed for a detached house typology. As such, the units within deliver a complete household program per townhouse as they stack their interior layout which provides ample terracing and promotes community living within the mews corridor. All units have two bedrooms, a flexible home office, large balconies, and a patio at garden level.

Construction systems include concrete foundation and slab on grade, timber frame and non combustible cladding throughout.

This project will be compliant with Step 4 of British Columbia Building Code.

Rafael Santa Ana
Architecture Workshop Inc

602 W Hastings Street 
Unit 503
Vancouver BC
V6B 1P2
Telephone: (604) 628-7881
General inquiries: info@rsaaw.com

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