SEAandSKY Pedestrian Bridge

Location Squamish BC

Systems Steel + Concrete

As part of a planned housing project in Squamish, BC, the SEAandSKY double-draw pedestrian bridge is designed to span a waterway as a coherent connection between the housing and the amenities of downtown Squamish.
The exterior cladding consists of treated vertical steel slats that evoke the essence of the vibrant, warm colours and textures of the west coast rain forest. Maximizing sight-seeing opportunities, the cladding adopts a sliding vertical pattern that fades towards the seating areas, while strategically placed look-outs enable visitors to take in the surrounding natural beauty. Accentuating these moments are bridge railing drops, followed by a gradually heightened entryway redolent of a gateway. Further improving pedestrian line of sight, steel mesh acts as a safety barrier while combining functionality, aesthetic appeal, and longevity.

The bridge offers layers of programmatic activity — the lines of the bridge extend the surrounding landscape, while unexpected spaces serve as an amenity for the community; a place for residents and visitors to experience a unique connection to the environment and sense of place.

The infrastructure offers a new circulation dynamic that connects communities, landscape, and memorable experiences. Beyond just a simple passage, the SEAandSKY pedestrian bridge is designed as a destination for explorers to appreciate the Mamquam Blind Channel, while being an amenity for residents and visitors as a defining community landmark.

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