Ignite Pizzeria Yaletown

Location Vancouver BC
Summer 2022
Size 2,230 sq ft

In the heart of the chic Yaletown community of Vancouver BC, Ignite Pizzeria opens its first 58 seat lounge-style restaurant. Embracing the local urban lifestyle, this new microcosm blends modern city nightlife and trending open-view kitchen hospitality. Satisfying curiosity, guests are immediately exposed to the operations of Ignite’s famous artisan pizza with two recessed stone-fire burning ovens vertical to the entrance. Connecting people to the intimate experience of creating handmade cuisine, the open pizzeria space offers an immersive entertaining night out.

Rafael Santa Ana
Architecture Workshop Inc

602 W Hastings Street 
Unit 503
Vancouver BC
V6B 1P2
Telephone: (604) 628-7881
General inquiries: info@rsaaw.com

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