Cactus Club Coquitlam

Location Coquitlam BC
Size 8,600 sq ft

RSAAW oversaw the construction of the Cactus Club Coquitlam Centre following the recommencement of construction in 2021. The 8,600 sqft new build restaurant seats over 300 customers across the lounge, dining and patio areas along with the custom commercial kitchen, staff and service areas. The interiors include bespoke millwork ceiling features and lighting fixates which are closely coordinated with mechanical and electrical systems to ensure that the Cactus Club atmosphere is retained while providing unique experiences from other Cactus Club locations. The exterior design focusses on curated views into the restaurant to promote engagement with pedestrian traffic. The use of recessed elevations, soft lighting and warm materiality creates a sense of arrival at the entrance while the louvred design prevents direct views to the tables within.

Rafael Santa Ana
Architecture Workshop Inc

602 W Hastings Street 
Unit 503
Vancouver BC
V6B 1P2
Telephone: (604) 628-7881
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