Sustainably Unique Northwest Family Home

Project Berkley House
Publisher Archilovers
Photography Ema Peter

“Furthermore, the designers were able to regain the floor space lost when opening up the atrium, by creating a children’s paradise in a previously inaccessible attic space. the playful stripes of color in the attic are echoed in the paneling at the entry and in the garden treehouse interior.” 

Groundbreaking Canadian Mixed-Use Project

Project Copper Spirit Distillery
Publisher Archilovers
Photography Andrew Latreille

“Located on Bowen Island, a municipality that is part of Metro Vancouver, the 8,815 square foot building integrates residential and industrial programs challenging both provincial code and local urban plan concepts. After numerous design iterations and a less traditional approach to the programmatic distribution, the building’s mass successfully evolved into two separate volumes connected by mechanical systems below grade and by a light-filled atrium above grade that link the public spaces of the building.”

Rafael Santa Ana
Architecture Workshop Inc

602 W Hastings Street 
Unit 503
Vancouver BC
V6B 1P2
Telephone: (604) 628-7881
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