RSAAW restores the headquarters of the Architecture Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) in Vancouver, BC

Project AIBC Renovations
Publisher Archello
Photography Michael Elkan

“Instead of seeing the layered history of the space's design as a constraint, RSAAW used it as a source of inspiration, creating an intervention that respects the diversity of the building's history and seeks to build on and modernize it, as opposed to attempting to preserve or return the building to its original state.”

Sustainably Unique Northwest Family Home

Project Berkley House
Publisher Archello
Photography Ema Peter

“The challenge was to celebrate the home's quasi post-and-beam style and Californian-style character while adapting to the reality of the Canadian climate and minimizing energy wastage.”

A Modernly Blended Heritage Renovation

Project AIBC Renovations
Publisher Archello
Photography Michael Elkan 

“The glass and steel complement the previously exposed structural system of the general assembly room across the atrium, while wood slatting is introduced as a finish to conceal mechanical systems and to accentuate the frame of the glazed atrium.”

A Boutique Merging of Residential and Industrial

Project Copper Spirit Distillery
Publisher Archello
Photography Andrew Latreille

“The client’s holistic approach to the alchemy of boutique distilling remained a constant guide during the logistical challenge of constructing such a mixed-use facility on a small island.”

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