After Care School Pod

Location Vancouver BC
Size 2,000 sqft 

The client required an expansion of their childcare facility and the ability to transport the new structure to a temporary site. RSAAW designed a prefabricated After School Care Pod that can be assembled easily at the new site and later transported back to original school grounds.

The CLT module is designed to Passive House standards for superior thermal performance. All materials in the assemblies are designed to be taken apart and reused or recycled as required.

The After School Care Pod allows for a gallery/lobby entry, cubby hall, offices, play/learn area and ample windows to the surroundings for supervision and daylighting. The cladding system features a playful colour study intended to stimulate and be easily recognizable by children.

The use of primary shapes and forms in the building elements give opportunities for imagination and education, providing stimulating play areas to challenge balance and other early childhood development fundamentals. These engaging opportunities offer an environement for play-based exploration and learning.

Being a childcare centre prototype we have used the opportunity to evaluate current risk-adverse commercial models and reassess superseded early childhood rationales.

Rafael Santa Ana
Architecture Workshop Inc

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Vancouver BC
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